Fighting The Real Battle

For Advanced Learning

With English becoming one of the most popular languages being spoken in the world currently, there is an ever increasing need of learning English. Be it a student, a working professional, a house wife or a retired person, everyone is desirous of getting command over the language. Like any journey, one of the most crucial steps of learning any language is taking first step. If you are a beginner, it’s very important that you do following things to make a productive start in English.

(1) Have a long term goal- A language is not learned in few hours, few days or even in a few weeks. Have a long term commitment & get ready for a long haul. There will be periods during this journey when you will feel stuck & would want to give up. You would feel that you are going nowhere. But believe me, it’s only to test you as a learner; not to defeat you.

(2) Don’t sweat over your mistakes - What is the proof of growth? Failures. What is the proof of learning? Mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning. Instead of feeling bad about committing errors while speaking, feel good that you have started your journey.

(3) Choose a mentor- Best teams in the world have best of the coaches& so do the best of players. Do you know why? Because a coach can observe you from a distance, see your faults & correct you so that you keep progressing. Most of the people leave learning a language half way because they don’t know what to do if they get stuck or feel discouraged because they are not making progress. A good mentor will come handy & will get you out of the rut.

(4) Find a talking partner – Regardless of your command over English grammar & vocabulary, you will not go far in this journey if you don’t talk in English on a regular basis. Find a talking partner who is ready to go the whole distance. Meet regularly & talk in English. One good method that you can start with is asking questions on some basic topics like family, friend, hobbies etc.

(5) Listen To Anything In English- One good way of getting acquainted with English is listening to anything that is in English. There are a lot of podcasts that you should listen to on Spotify, iTunes & other audio media platforms (‘Win It With Vinit’ is not a bad choice).

(6) Read English newspaper daily- One of the best teachers for you while learning English can be an English newspaper. Most of the people say that they don’t read newspaper because they don’t understand. On the contrary, they don’t understand English newspaper because they don’t read it on a regular basis. Read newspaper daily & you will get a lot from this activity that will help you learn English.

(7) Take a course – If you want to learn any skill, you need to take a practical course that makes your job easier. While teaching you the nuances of the language, it should also keep you busy with assignments & activities. Overall, it should be a good mix of Grammar teaching, vocabulary building & speaking practice.

In case you are looking for a course will take you from basic level to advanced level, you can take ‘Advanced English Learning System’ which is a bundle of nine courses that includes courses on advanced Grammar concepts, power vocabulary building, phonetics, business English communication & many more.